When it comes to Solvent-less Hash and Rosin, Bo’s Nose Know’s isn’t just the company’s name, but an understatement of his cannabis sense. We are thankful to have Bo’s located in Southern Oregon, not too far from Ananda Farms.

Craft Reserve by Open Vape has been been making single batch Co2 oil with Ananda Farms flower material since the 2016 harvest. The terpenes are first sub-critically extracted and set aside, with the remaining material then processed on super-critical run. Then the two are blended back together to produce a 100% cannabis derived, full Spectrum cartridge.

Crop Circle utilizes dry sifted kief from Ananda Farms cultivar specific material to create their vegan, full spectrum, coconut oil cannabutter. From their they infuse a 62% blend of Peruvian and Dominican Cacao to create Oregon’s first chocolate truffle edible. This bio-available recipe produces full body and longer lasting effects than a mass produced edible.

“True to the Plant” is the foundation of Evolvd’s 100% pure cannabis Co2 cartridges. Providing in three distinct oil styles in custom medical grade hardware, Evolvd has been an industry leader for quality since 2014. Along with high THC pecentages, Evolvd’s cartridges are also known for their terpene, flavonoid and minor cannabinoids content.

Nurtured by the Power of the Sun