Critical Mass

Cultivar Profile

  • Myrcene, beta Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • THC 8.39%
  • CBD 15.40%
  • CBG .69%
  • Total Terpenes 1.41%


Critical Mass has a nice earthly skunk smell with light berry notes.  The taste is very similar to the smell with a little hint of pepper and lavender.


Muscle and nerve relaxing with very little psychatropic effects.


Dinafem created this therapeutic cultivar by bringing together Mr. Nice Guy’s Critical Mass and CBD Crew’s Remedy in a special collaboration to bring forth an indica dominant CBD offering.

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Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 1
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 2
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 3

Nurtured by the Power of the Sun