Our Craft

As growers of craft cannabis, we are able to give more consideration to our growing, harvest, and curing procedures. All plants and flowers are handled with the utmost care; paying special attention to cleanliness and environment, resulting in a level of quality that is only possible through the intention and devotion to our craft.

Ananda Farms is dedicated to the Earths ecology and takes major steps to preserve its integrity. Developing living soils through the use of earthworms, plant-based nutrients, and minimal soil disturbance promotes bioactivity in our growing systems. Ananda Farms is focused on regenerative farming, increasing habitat, and promoting plant diversity on our farm. We are thankful for these industry partners who share our agricultural visions.  Click icons for more information regarding each of these service providers.

CG Responsible Agriculture logo

Since 2004, Clean Green has been the benchmark for obtaining an “Organic” cannabis certification. Every Season since our begining, Clean Green has inspected Ananda Farms  to ensure that we cultivate our plants in alignment with their standards, which are based on the USDA National Organic Program.

This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Water and Electric sourcing
2. Land Preservation and Erosion Control
3. Pest Management
4. Soil Amendments and Plant Nutrition
5. Plant Diversity among Agricultural Crop
6. State and Federal Compliance

Since 2016, Ananda Farms has participated in the Blue Sky Habitat program through Pacific Power. This ensures that power utilized on the farm is being offset by renewable energy sources. In 2019 Ananda Farms reduced its carbon footprint by 39,255 lbs. of Co2; and by 23,620 lbs. of C02 in the first half of 2020. Blue Sky Habitat members also donate monthly to The Freshwater Trust which administers grants to restore Oregon’s inland fisheries.

The 2020 recipients of these grants were:

Upper Sandy Habitat Restoration Project
Neal Creek Instream Habitat Restoration Project
Bear Creek Riparian Restoration Initiative
Lower Hamilton Creek Riparian Restoration Project
Upper Wallowa River Restoration

SC Labs Logo

Becoming ORELAP accredited in early 2017, Science of Cannabis Labs has been a cornerstone of the California testing community since 2010. High performance liquid chromatography with ultaviolet detection (HPLC-UV) is used to provide data for 15 cannabinoids and 36 terpenoids in each cannabis sample. They also ensure safety from Pesticides, Residual Solvents or Microbial Impurities, Water Activity and Moisture Content.

Logan Labs Soil Testing Service Logo

In January of 2016 Ananda Farms began submitting soil samples to Logan Labs for mineral composition testing. Utilizing this data enables us to strengthen the biology of our living soil, ensuring properly balanced tilth for cultivating the finest cannabis.

Nurtured by the Power of the Sun