Cantaloupe Haze

Cultivar Profile

Limonene, beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene

  • Sativa Dominant
  • THC 24.75%
  • CBD .08%
  • CBG .75%
  • Total Terpenes 1.51%


Smell and tastes of tropical melon with hints of floral pine.


Great for relaxing the body and anti-fatigue while up-beat and energizing.  Known to acitivate the mind, enhance appetite and supress nausea.


DNA Genetics crossed a Haze Brothers Original Haze by a Michoacan Landrace to create Cantaloupe Haze. They were awarded 1st Place at the 2010 Caba Cup, Buenos Aires for Best Sativa, known then as Cannalope Haze.  Dense trichome production makes for great hash production.

Tally Mon early flower stage
Tally Mon trimmed flower

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Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 1
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 2
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 3

Nurtured by the Power of the Sun