Mendo Breath

Cultivar Profile

  • beta Caryophyllene, Limonene,  a-Humulene
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • THC 20.48%
  • CBD .07%
  • CBG .86%
  • Total Terpenes 2.09%


Sugar sweet and earthy with a citrus camphor that explodes when cracking open one of these dense nugs.


A calming tingle that turns into a very relaxing body high.  Stress and pain relieving with a lower consumption can turn into a nice sleep with a little more.


Gage Green Genetics brought together OG Kush Breath and the elusive Mendo Montage to create Mendo Breath. 

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Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 1
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 2
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 3

Nurtured by the Power of the Sun