Animal Cookies

Cultivar Profile

  • beta Caryophyllene, Limonene,  a-Humulene
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • THC 21.89%
  • CBD .08%
  • CBG .25%
  • Total Terpenes 2.26%


Earthy with a sweet spice, then slightly sour when the bud is cracked open.  Heavy smoke with a pine hash flavor.


Great for relieving nerve and muscle pain from the first couple puffs.  Deeper relaxation and sleep assistance with increased consumption.


Animal Cookies originated at the BC Bud Depot and is a cross of their High Times Medical Cannabis Cup winning GSC female cut with their Fire OG Bx3 male.  People love the colors of this flower, highlighted by purple hued sugar leaves and distinct orange hairs.

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Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 1
Tally Mon 12/24/2019 report part 2
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